Winding Your Own Inductor (From 1997 QST)

Building antenna tuners and amplifiers often requires you to roll your own inductor.  This takes you through the steps.  Wind your own Inductor

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Calculate the Impedance of a Length of Wire

This site has a calculator to determine the impedance of  length of wire.  Very helpful

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Computer ATX Power Supply to 12V 12 Amp

ATX power supplies are easy to convert to a 12 volt supply for a radio.  ATX supplies typically provide 10 to 12 Amps output current.

To convert the supply take several of the yellow wires (12 Volt lines) and tie them together use at least 3 wires, more if desired.

Take at least 3 black wires (ground) and tie them together.  Consider using a power pole for the 12V and ground line

Take 1 black and the green wire and tie that pair together and tape them off.  Green is the switch wire.

Finally trim off the other wires and safely tape them off.

Now you have a small 12V 10-12 amp switching power supply for you radio equipment.




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Foritgate OSPF Over a VPN Tunnel

After working with Tech support, I found this useful article that could have saved me the support call.

Dynamic Routing Protocols OSPF over IPSEC VPNs

I can’t remember the site I found this info, but will post it at a later date.

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FSMO Roles in Active Directory (Flexible Master Operations)

This data in this PDF has bee copied from

This link is a cut and paste PDF form data at petri’s site, FSMO Roles

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Vender for RF Kits and Parts – Flying Pig Rig V2

Kits and Parts has all sorts of semiconductors and toroid’s.  They also have rf kits that are useful for building a radios.  A fairly new product is their 5 Watt CU Transceiver for $42, it is call “The Flying Pig Rig V2″.



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End Fed Antenns EARC FED 6-4

I found this end fed 6 – 40 meters and picked one up. I have saved the PDF on my site and you can view it here: Endfed6_40

Click here for the link to the club selling the antenna

Click here for the original link to the pdf


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Fortigate IPSec Trouble Shooting

Here are the basic commands to trouble shoot IPSec on a Fortigate firewall.

Use diag debug en
Diag vpn ike filt
Diag debug app ike -1
Diag debug reset

SA is on phase 1 and phase 2 but typically refered to in phase 2
An SA is required for each direction

AH authentication header, is not encrypted and is not typically used (protocol 51)

ESP is nwo used most of the time (protcol 50)

For IT Support and InfoSec services see,

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Printing from a Web Page

There is a lot of useful information on the web, but sometimes it is difficult to print what you want without having to print a lot of useless information.  This is a great free utility to let you choose what to print.

For information on IT Services provided by Quanexus, please visit,

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Working different versions of Windows servers and workstations, I find running these Control Panel commands from the Start button very helpful in saving time versus navigating the GUI.

 Control Panel Tool                                          Command

Add New Hardware                          sysdm.cpl

Network Properties                           ncpa.cpl

Internet Properties                           inetcpl.cpl

System Propoerties                          sysdm.cpl

Printers                                            printers

For more information about networking, information technology and information security, please go to

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